Being Well Communications produces and delivers the health care knowledge developed by Dr. Verna Hunt and her associates.

Verna’s interest in health care education comes from decades of experience in clinical practice with thousands of clients. When people understand how to be proactive and rebuild and maintain their optimal health, every day becomes an opportunity for them. Verna has the unique ability to deliver usable knowledge to groups at all levels of understanding health.

Seminars and lectures to professional include:

  • Proactive Breast Health Care
  • Manual Therapies to Release Metabolic Cellular Stasis
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Thermography Screening for Breast Health
  • Stress Management in the New Millennium
  • Care for the Caregiver

Public lectures are available for 20 or more people on many topics:

  • Building a Resilient Immune System
  • Menopause Transitioning
  • Healthy Breasts for a Lifetime
  • Building and Engaging Your Self Worth
  • Detoxification with Ease

For more information about how to have Dr. Hunt speak to your group or to find out additional topics please contact us.

New event information will be posted as it becomes available.