BWC Seminar Schedule in 2024

BWC is pleased to announce that all five manual therapy seminars designed by Dr. Verna Hunt will be presented in 2024. The small class sizes of six participants per seminar will remain the same. Please contact Dr. Hunt should you have any questions or concerns about our 2024 schedule.

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Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND
2024 Teaching Schedule for Dr. Hunt’s Manual Therapy Seminars

March 2, 2024 | Seminar 2
The Head and Neck: What can keep the head and body connected?

April 27, 2024 | Seminar 1
The Belly: What is going on in there?

May 4, 2024 | Seminar 3
Beyond Palpation: When you touch, what does the information you see and feel indicate, and how does this affect your therapeutic choices?

October 5, 2024 | Seminar 4
Beyond Palpation:
When you touch the patient’s skin/subcutaneous tissues/and connective tissue, what
does the information you see and feel indicate?

November 30, 2024 | Seminar 5
Connecting the Lower Limbs up into the Pelvis:
What keeps a connection from lower limbs into the pelvis?



Being Well Communications Manual Therapies Seminar Series

Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND, has developed a series of 5 one-day manual therapy seminars that she teaches to 6 licensed participants per seminar. These seminars can be taken in any order and will cover the entire body, head to toe, on how to affect and increase resolution of homeostasis by application of manual therapies. The knowledge you will learn comes from Dr. Hunt’s 40 years of clinical practice in using these practical and effective techniques.

The seminar series currently includes these standalone topics that can be taken in any order:

  1. The Belly
  2. The Head and Neck
  3. Beyond Palpation
  4. Arms into the Thorax
  5. Legs into the Pelvis

Three seminars will be held throughout each year. The schedule for the year’s seminars will be posted on this page in the fall of the previous year, so that participants can plan ahead. Please see below for the updated seminar schedule. Thank you.






“The Belly” seminar was replete with useful techniques and various resources on manual therapy and elder philosophy.

The course thoroughly prepared me to understand the in-depth application of lymphatic drainage as presented by Dr Verna Hunt.

Dr Verna Hunt was extremely professional, helpful, patient and generous in sharing her knowledge. I truly felt she was sincere, empathic and constantly encouraging us to learn. I have been using her techniques and my patients have noted improvements in their symptoms.

For all the above reasons, I highly recommend Dr Verna Hunt’s courses.

— Dr. Carole Chueng, ND

“The Head & Neck” seminar gave me tools that I can use immediately in clinical practice. I really liked the lymph work, which is so needed in my clinic. The seminar gave me hands-on, effective ways to find the problem areas in the body, and ways to immediately treat these issues for the patient. I especially found it useful to learn together in a smaller group of 15 participants, which allowed us to voice our concerns about certain clinical pictures that present in our clinics. This is the type of teaching that is so important in naturopathic medicine.

– Dr. Elizabeth Storjohann, BSc, ND, RTCMP

“The Head & Neck” seminar was one of the best I’ve done in years! The detailed anatomy review, course material, assessment techniques, and treatment instructions provided valuable take-home material that I am already referring to in clinical practice. However, the real MAGIC was getting off the paper and learning through my hands. This experiential learning is rare and irreplaceable, and there is no more skilled, experienced, and wise practitioner to watch and learn from than Dr. Verna Hunt.

– Dr. Kara Dionisio, BSc, MSc, ND