News on Dr. Hunt’s Office Location, March 2015

Until two years ago, Dr. Hunt’s The Centre for Health & Well Being was located at 2927 Dundas St. W., Toronto, but it was destroyed by fire water damage in May 2013. It has finally been rebuilt and she has decided to sell the office condo and stay at her current office location at 396 Pacific Ave., Suite 201, just one block west of the fire site.

Dr. Hunt has been in practice for 36 years and she wants to have time to write and teach, along with the current amount of time she spends treating clients. This decision will allow for the time to do all these things.

For more details about the office condo sale, follow this link or call Les Raffay at 416-618-8353.

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Teaching Events in 2015

The Legacy Project (January through November)

As part of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Legacy Project, Verna Will be teaching naturopathic new patient examination over four 4-hour sessions from January through November. You can find more information about registering for these sessions at the OAND’s website here.


Health Fusion 2015: CAND Convention in Calgary (June)

Using Naturopathic Manual Therapies to Address Cellular Metabolic Stasis

Presented by Dr. Verna Hunt BSC DC ND

One main root cause of immune challenges, chronic conditions and dis-ease is the decrease of metabolic function within the trillions of cells in our bodies. Naturopathic modalities to address stasis and stagnation include manual therapies that can be administered immediately within the patient’s appointment with directive on home therapies to continue restoration after the patient goes home. This session will teach how manual therapies when applied appropriately promote metabolism and decrease stasis to people of all ages from infant to geriatric patients and how they are a vital method of care.

Areas of therapy to be taught include:

  • Lymphatic system flow in general and also specific conditions
  • Abdominal massage and organ positioning
  • Diaphragm reset
  • Postural rebalancing
  • Safe joint mobilization
  • Stretching safely
  • Instructions for patient home care


Please see the Events page of this website for specific dates and locations.

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Welcome to the new website for Being Well Communications. New content will be added soon; please keep a watch out for it.

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