As of July 7, 2015, the business condo is sold and I am free of the fire issues. What a relief for me and my staff – Barbara and Laura. They have been a tremendous support for the last 26 months along with many friends and relations.

I have just returned from the CAND Health Fusion Convention in Calgary where I spoke on “Using Naturopathic Manual Therapies to Address Metabolic Cellular Stasis.” The talk went well and I am looking forward to doing more teaching in the years to come.

My next trip is to the Gros Morne Park area in western Newfoundland where I will be mentoring Joanie Cranston, PT, in her Physiotherapy Clinic at The Old Cottage Hospital in Norris Point for 5 days. I will also be relaxing for 10 days in Woody Point, breathing the freshest air in the world, walking on gorgeous trails and eating lots of fresh fish.

I look forward to having a year of recuperating, and beginning writing and teaching, as well as clinical work 3 days per week with clients. I will keep you posted.

Be well.
Dr. Verna Hunt, BSc DC ND